Meet Parity - Our Story


Hey, thanks for making it this far. If you’re curious to get to know us, what we’re trying to do here, and what we stand for, please read further.

We’re a small team dedicated to making a global impact. Our mission is to make entrepreneurship easier for everyone by providing easier and better access to quality education.

We’d like to enable you, the entrepreneur, to be able to learn from other experienced entrepreneurs and experts in a way that’s easy to digest and easy to manage.

Why? Because who else knows better than someone who has already been through it all, someone that’s seen both failure and success and has learned from it himself. We designed Parity for that.

Our platform in its current version features two main components, The Library and The Community.
In the library, you are able to browse fundamental topics like Marketing, Sales, Product Development, User Experience and more. ( Currently working to expand each one of those with more articles )

The library also features a key element that we believe you’ll love, an advanced search engine. The purpose behind it is for you to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, fast.

We plan on implementing additional features there like search suggestions to help you discover more on that particular topic and text excerpts which strike out the exact phrase you searched for with the sentences around it so you could decide if that’s what you want to read, pretty cool huh? :blush:

The community.

The community is something that we’d love to see grow in the upcoming months. We imagine that to be a place where people can ask and find questions, talk about ideas, and maybe make friends.

Who’s we?

Our team is made of me ( Lubo ), Marcin – our Lead developer, and Chris, our Technical Advisor.

I’m from Sofia, Bulgaria ( that’s Eastern Europe ), I love the startup world and I’ve been in it chasing dreams since around 2012? I make a living as a freelancer over at Upwork where you can find me working on other startups’ marketing. Other than that I’m crazy about solo traveling, old car restoration, Muay Thai ( Oo weyy :blush: ) and Downhill mountain biking.

Marcin, our lead developer is an expert on Ruby on Rails and everything else backend. He’s from Poland and loves to spend time with his family, hiking, and reading.

Chirs is from the US, he’s an Engineer with 20+ years of experience and has worked with companies like Yammer and Microsoft. He’s currently working on his own startup – CloudRepo while helping us navigate through investor relations and infrastructure.

What’s going on now and what’s next?

We’re currently working really hard to attract those amazing scholars we spoke about earlier. We’re planning to be on Product Hunt and BetaList soon, so make sure you watch out for us there because we’re going to give you lots of perks!

In case you love what we’re doing here and you’d like to help us change the world of entrepreneurship, you can do so in a couple of ways,

• Write in our library.

• Register and engage in our community by asking questions and showing us your startup or work.

• Recommending your favorite influencers and authors by replying here.

• Follow us on our social media which is:

o Twitter - @paritylearning
o Instagram - @paritylearning
o Facebook - @theparity

That’s it .

We can’t wait to meet you! Find us here at any time for a chat on your ideas, feedback or anything else

  • Lubo


You can connect with me personally on or my Twitter - @darksidezoo and Instagram @luboandlara